My Etsy Shop

I haz an Etsy Shop! Tiz troo!

It's to raise funds for my non-profit

Muvver has been busy making jewellery for da hooman visitors and dog/cat/pet fings for yoo furs! Dere's tuxedos, bling waistcoats, bandyannas and she werkin on pawty frocks for da gurls and other stuff.

So have a walk round and see if dere's anyfing dat takes yer fancy, and if so, get yoor hooman to splash da plastic or Paypal so yoo can look super smart wiv one ov muvvers creations!

Juz click on any pawnail pic to haf a look.

Da shop is called FurryPants Well what else! Bahahahahaha

I hope deres sumfin dere dat yoo likes.

Fanks for lukin pals.

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